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Search for Common Ground (SFCG) promotes peaceful resolution of conflict. Its mission is to transform how individuals, organizations, and governments deal with conflict - away from adversarial approaches and toward cooperative solutions. In Lebanon, SFCG has been active since 2008 with a series of projects involving the media and focusing on the role of youth in conflict transformation dynamics. SFCG uses popular culture to  empower youth in Lebanon to develop and act upon a more inclusive national identity that emphasizes the common good, shuns sectarian and ethnic divisions and inspires others.

Matsuko’s projects span from the development of video games technologies for Ubisoft to the production of iPhone/Android apps and Web 3D applications (Facebook). Team members of Matsuko worked and participated in the production of several AAA video game projects, including Assassin's Creed I, Assassin's Creed II, Far Cry 2, and James Cameron's Avatar: The Game

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