Cedaria is inhabited by four different clans - the Vaytori, Kythiens, Thunes and Ozar. Each clan has its own set of ideals and political agendas.


  • The Thunes: Bursaeg Wyvernhelm found a new home for his clan on Cedaria after they almost depleted the resources in their homeland. The Vaytori allowed them to inhabit Petrae Heights and harvest its fruits in exchange for a portion of the coal produced. Not all Thunes work in mining; some are weapon forgers, blacksmiths and experts in explosives, and a select few are experienced jewelers. The Thunes kept their end of the deal and provided coal to the citizens of the Castellum until the breakdown of the Phoenix, at which point they - fearing a second depletion - decided to play a little monopoly and put a high price on coal, unaffordable by most Cedarians. 
  • The Ozar: After a particularly lethal clash with the other Ozar in their homeland, Hanryk and his peaceful tribe decided to take their chances on Cedaria. Cedarians were not particularly keen on accepting them, especially since the Ozar had a terrible reputation and a "good" Ozar was a rare occurrence; however, they were allowed to stay in Nilar Forest and work as lumberjacks. They had always received the short end of the stick on the island, and when things were made worse after the breakdown of the Phoenix, some less-than-patient individuals began to translate their anger into actions.
  • The Kythiens: The first Kythiens came to live on the island through the union of Edraele the daughter of a Kythien chief and one of Cedaria‚Äôs noblemen. After his death, they moved to Piandel Woods, and were eventually joined by other Kythiens who came to the island after hearing of the beauty and wisdom of Edraele, who ruled them all during many peaceful years. The Kythiens led a reserved life away from the other races and the industrial life of the island, working as healers, musicians and sculptors. They had no interest in the Phoenix, and its breakdown did not affect them directly; however, some of them did suffer kidnapping on the hands of those who wanted to benefit from their magic, causing them to go further into seclusion.
  • The Vaytori: The Vaytori were the first to come to the island, and as such consider themselves to be above the rest. While some do not mind the presence of other clans on Cedaria, others turn their noses at the mere sight of a non-Vaytori. They mostly live in the Castellum under a mayor-council government system and are unevenly distributed among three social classes, the majority of which are poor. The Vaytori received the brunt of the Breakdown due to their reliance on electricity, and things were made worse for them when the Thunes cut off their coal supply, and Kythiens stood in their way when they attempted to gather timber.
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