While each clan wields considerable power and influence, they alone do not determine the politics and future of Cedaria. Several factions have been established over the years, some clan-exclusive and others open to all, but each with their own ideals and objectives. Sometimes they are at odds with the clans, and other times with each other. While some factions have a very clear agenda others focus on more pressing concerns and helping their members with their day-to-day business. Examples of factions in Cedaria include The Miners Guild, The Delanty Brotherhood, The Society of Female Artisans, the Explorers Guild and the Aeronaut Alliance.

The Aeronaut Alliance was established by Cedaria's first aeronaut, Captain Maxwell Winters. When air travel became popular and the demand for more airships rose, causing with it an increase in unsatisfied travelers and unfortunate accidents, Captain Winters sought to protect all aeronauts from any backlash they might receive and created the Alliance and its governing law. Under said law, aeronauts were protected from any liability resulting from accidents caused by events out of their control, holding them responsible only in cases of negligence.

The Alliance only accepts aeronauts who are known to possess sufficient skills and experience. It is also in charge of training any individuals who wish to join the fleet, and maintains a small membership given the limited number of aeronauts on the island. In general, the Alliance has not had to deal with many problems; however, one particular aeronaut continues to be a thorn in Captain Winters’ side… a certain ex-pirate by the name of Silas Burcombe, who is always hassling the weathered aeronaut about his pending membership that continues to be declined on the grounds of indecent behavior. 

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