Q: Why are you making this game?
A: This game is meant as a fun and serious game. We are focusing on fun first but there are some learning goals embedded into the game as well. The original target audience for the game was Lebanese youth aged 15-20 and we want to teach them about conflict transformation and conflict resolution in an entertaining way. However, we realized that the game should also appeal to both age groups outside the target audience and also to gamers outside Lebanon :)

Q: Why steampunk and why mix with Lebanese architecture?
A: It has not been done before and we think it is a novel adaptation of Steampunk. Familiar yet a bit foreign. Also, since the game was originally conceived for Lebanese youth, we wanted to have something that is familiar to them.

Q: How big is the game?
A: The game contains 14 unique zones and multiple storylines. It would be difficult to estimate how long the game is in game hours, since the storylines are built in such a way that you yourself can determine when the game ends. Although - as a casual player - a complete playthrough of a single storyline without playing any additional side-missions, you can expect the game to last a minimum of 5 hours, not counting replay value for the other storylines or game endings.

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