What is the game about?

The game is set on a distant island, recently plunged into darkness and industrial decay after the breakdown of the Phoenix - an ingenious machine which supplied the island with electricity and was a catalyst for the modernization of society. While the causes remain a mystery, the casualties are clear – the cities are dark and businesses go bankrupt. No one goes unaffected and once peaceful clans turn on each other.

Into the chaos now steps a wayfarer, returning home to unite with their family. You.

Find and reassemble all the pieces of the Phoenix machine, scattered throughout Cedaria. How you find and acquire them, and the choices you make along the way, will shape the future of Cedaria.

  • Extensive dialogue trees and system that offer multiple outcomes in every interaction with a cast of colorful characters, each with their own agenda, conflicts and goals.
  • Explore the island of Cedaria and its variety of areas; travel through industrialized cities to enchanted forests or climb steep mountains.
  • Learn specific crafting professions ranging from Inventors to Alchemists, which will allow you to progress more easily through the game by crafting specialized gear.
  • Find resources in the wilds which can be used to create powerful tools or concoctions.
  • Immerse yourself in a storyline where your choices weave the fate of Cedaria and where replayability is more than just a buzzword.
  • Cedaria plays equally well in both singleplayer and cooperative mode.
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