Key Features

Cedaria: Blackout boasts the following key features:  

  • Several Storylines: There are a number of storylines in the game; this increases replayability and offers more dynamic and choice-based endings.
  • Who-Dun-Its: The storylines revolve around who or what sabotaged the Phoenix, and you will have to find clues leading to the identity of the culprit, rather than just find and assemble the machine parts.
  • Crafting: Depending on the profession of your choice, you will be able to craft items that will help you in your quest to restore the Phoenix machine to working order.
  • Dialogue System: Our dialogue system offers extensive conversation trees with multiple outcomes in every interaction. Since this is a choice-and-consequence game, dialogue plays an important part in the final outcome.
  • 14 Zones: The island has 14 unique zones that you are free to explore at your own leisure without having to get any pesky achievements beforehand.
  • Multiplayer: Multiplayer is supported throughout the game; Cedaria plays equally well in both singleplayer and cooperative modes, and includes common tools such as a chat window and a lobby to facilitate multiplayer.
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