Search for Common Ground (SFCG), an international peacebuilding NGO, has been working to transforming conflict worldwide for over 30 years. At SFCG, we believe that while conflict is inevitable – violence is not! Hence our mission is to achieve social change through transforming the way people deal with conflicts – away from violent and adversarial approaches, towards collaborative problem solving.

Over the years, we have developed an incredibly diverse and innovative peacebuilding toolbox, enabling us to create change at multiple societal levels. We have long discovered the power of media as a tool to reach out to the masses and to tackle deeply-rooted social issues. As media are evolving at fast pace, our approaches are changing accordingly as we are constantly on the outlook for new and innovative ways to reach out to broader audiences.

Cedaria: Blackout  - a video game for peace - is our latest adventure on this journey! With Cedaria we seek to reach out to Middle Eastern youth to strengthen their conflict transformation skills.

Do you want to read more about why we believe a videogame is the right medium for our goal? Or are you skeptical about how we ensure the transfer of virtually acquired skills to the real world? Read our reflections on those issues in the corresponding sub-tabs (or simply by clicking on the links above) - and feel free to get in contact with us if you have any other question!

Support us!

You like our approach? If so, we would be grateful for your support in making ‘Cedaria: Blackout’ a reality!

We already received a grant that helped us develop a significant part of Cedaria: Blackout. However, we still need to raise some funds to ensure that the game reaches its full potential. That’s why we are currently running a crowdfunding campaign. You can support us by chipping in some dollars (you can choose any amount of your liking!) … (add donating steps here)

Not everybody might be able to pledge to our campaign; after all, money doesn’t grow on trees or rain down from the skies (though can you imagine how awesome that would be?), but you can also support us by letting your friends know about our campaign, by tweeting about us, liking and sharing on Facebook, blogposts, news articles, forum thread, smoke signs, … basically any means of communication you are most comfortable using!

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