Press Review

By clicking here, you can download a PDF including all news articles and major blogposts that have been posted about Cedaria up till early October 2013.

Or you can click on the links below, where we included a collection of links to some of the articles and blogposts published online.



    Cedaria Blackout" : apprendre aux jeunes Libanais à gérer les conflits en... jouant

    Gaming for peace (Waging Nonviolence)

    Dutch Embassy in Lebanon commissions a fully fledged RPG (PCGMedia)
    Cedaria: Blackout Kickstarter Campaign Launched (Gamershell)
    Kickstarter campaign launched for Cedaria: Blackout (The Videogame Blog)
    Lebanese Developers Start Kickstarter Campaign for Conflict Resolution Video Game (Beirut.com)
    This Steampunk game made in Lebanon has me interested (At7addak)

Blog posts

    Cedaria: Blackout, le Kickstarter pour lequel j'ai bossé (Gameblog.fr)
    Crafting Meaningful Choices (Gamasutra)
    SFCG Video Game for Peace in Lebanon (Creapix)
    Lebanon: Resolving conflict through... a video game? (The Common Ground Blog)

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