The Team

To make sure Cedaria: Blackout becomes a memorable game, we have teamed up with veteran industry developers with previous experience from several AAA video games like Assassin's Creed I, Assassin's Creed II, Far Cry 2, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures and The Secret World. So without further ado:

  • Before he founded Matsuko in 2010, Matus Kirchmayer (also called "Snarflecorn" by his friends) began his career as an analyst-programmer in EuroComp. From there he developed his programmer skills further and has since worked on many game-projects, including the Ubisoft games Far Cry, Assassin's Creed, Rainbow Six (amongst others) that have all been touched by his divine hand.
  • Robert Halvarsson started his career as a game designer as many others by creating mods for games like Quake and Quake2. He was picked up by Funcom in 2005 as a designer, working then on NPC design, effects and general gameplay on the game Age of Conan and later on as a team lead for The Secret World. In his free time, Robert makes small games for himself as well as playing D&D, Traveler and other pen and paper RPG's. And eating donuts. Don't forget about the donuts!
  • Ole Herbjørnsen was hired by Funcom at the same time as Robert, which is likely why they've stuck together for so long. That and their shared love for indian food and pen and paper roleplaying games. Ole started out as an NPC-designer and quickly rose through the ranks as a team lead and has donned responsibility for art, animation, optimization and NPC-teams alike while working on the Age of Conan and The Secret World projects.
  • Gwen (or Gwendoline) has been in the gaming industry for five years, first working as a 3D character artist in a small studio in Paris called F4, then worked for three years with Gameloft Montreal on the Dungeon Hunter series, finally leaving to pursue more indie projects. She believes that a good game character is one that combines an easily-read silhouette and coherent color schemes, naming Sora from Kingdom Hearts as an example. She tends to get obsessive over the faces and works hard to give them as much personality as possible, and Dishonored characters allow her to play around with that best… as long they’re not wearing their masks! She likes games that look beautiful without employing any difficult techniques, namely Ôkami and Radiata Stories. Gwen enjoys upside-down paragliding on her free time. Occasionally increasing the difficulty by blindfolding herself.

Matsuko will work in collaboration with local video game 3D designers and writers to ensure that the game will be culturally relevant and well-grounded in the local context.

  • For Zen (officially known as Zeinab), writing is not so much mashing ideas together as it is arguing with her characters and wrestling her plot bunnies into something readable. Cedaria is her first foray into the world of game development, and past experiences include work as a translator and editor, and publication of her own fantasy novel, titled Puppet Parade. Some of the most exciting aspects of her job include seeing her characters brought to life, first as HD concept art and then as fully textured and animated 3D models. More often than not you will find her buried in a book – with favourites like Harry Potter and the Discworld series – or living up to her title as a chocoholic. Zen has always been fond of Dungeon Siege, American McGee’s Alice and – though she won’t admit it in a hurry – Crash Bandicoot, a childhood favourite!
  • Ryan. In one sentence “FUS ro DAH! “ Born under the skies of Asgard! Wielding a mighty hammer in one hand and… a mouse to do 3D Art in the other. He started as a 3D Generalist at Blacksmith Studios creating architectural scenes but recently seized the opportunity to dive into the gaming industry because he knows his true mission is to reforge the great Mjolnir! He does have a hard time sticking to reality and is often poked to wake up from his daydreaming. After a hard day's work, he prefers RPGs to sleep -after all, who needs sleep when you have stamina potions? Ryan loves all aspects of 3D art be it genre blending or new techniques and more efficient ways to build realistic art. He takes everything as a challenge, deadlines for him are timed quests, knowing there is no ESC - LOAD last save!
  • Rony. The multitask-can-do-everything-dude. As a 3D Artist, there is absolutely nothing he can’t do. Tricks and tweaks are his specialty and he is a walking encyclopedia for 3D art. Rony has a strong foundation in Architectural Visualization, and he is on a personal quest to eradicate non-tiling textures from the face of the Earth! When it comes to games Rony does not play them, he consumes and digest them! He likes to tear the games apart and inspect every element, prop, texture and model to see how it was created. Oh, if he does not answer his phone it is probably because he took it apart to study the internals! Don’t worry, he will call you back as soon as he has put his phone back together again (or bought a new one)!
  • Born to an artistic family of composers and performers, Serouj Baghdassarian (or C-rouge), developed a passion for music at an early age. Experimenting with remixes at first, C-rouge released his debut single, “Groong,” in 2005. Influenced by his father, as well as his Armenian background, C-rouge reflected his heritage in his debut album, “genoTrancide”, carefully blending modern trance sounds with traditional Armenian melodies. He continues to produce and perform in various festivals and concerts in Lebanon, Armenia, Jordan, Dubai, and the United States. Serouj invents things on his free time. He claims to have invented a number of things, including trees, the color ‘red’ and air. His favourite composer is Hans Zimmer and he likes to relax playing Call of Duty, but Cedaria will endeavour to teach him some less adversarial conflict resolution techniques!
  • In high school, Shawn had a reputation for getting sent to the principal's office, not for getting in trouble, but because a fight had broken out, and he was called in to mediate!  After studying communication and psychology in university, Shawn traveled the world and developed a passion for addressing conflict on a much larger scale.  Today, he serves as the Director of Leadership and Training for Search for Common Ground. He is a leading expert in “Adventure-Based Conflict Resolution,” which merges the fields of experiential learning and conflict resolution.  In other words, rather than just sitting around and talking, Shawn prefers to take "enemies" on wilderness expeditions together… kinda like a video game. In the game of life, Shawn believes that solving conflicts peacefully can be just as exciting as the alternatives.
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